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Ask about our new engine decontamination treatment

Enjoy improved fuel economy and restore engine performance. We are please to announce that we are now able to offer the award winning EDT Automotive Engine Decontamination System. A syste, engineered to enhance both petrol and diesel engines, by simply removing the cholesterol from the heart of your car.


How it works

Our system heats and pulses a light mineral oil in and around your engine oilways, breaking down and removing up to half a litre of harmful residue that is normally left in your engine after a conventional oil change.

Once broken down, out system then vacuums the deposits out of your engine through a 1 micron filtration system.

Used and unused filters:


Why do I need it?

By simply preventing contamination of your new oil your engine's lubrication system will do its job more efficiently and give you the following:

  • More miles per gallon (up to 26% increase)
  • Drastically reduced exhaust emissions
  • Prolonged engine life
  • Reduced engine internal friction allowing a smoother, more refined drive
  • More efficient oil flow around your engine

When would my car benefit from having an EDT treatment?

Why do I need it?

  • If you car is being serviced
  • If you want to reduce your fuel costs
  • If you want to increase your engines life
  • If you want to reduce engine noise
  • If you want increased performance from your engine
  • If you are about to upgrade the quality of your engine oil
  • If you are having a turbo replaced
  • If you are having engine repairs carried out
  • If you vehicle has been misfuelled
  • If you have just purchased a used car and want peace of mind
  • If your vehicle fails its MOT due to high emissions

But ANYTIME is a good time to have an EDT treatment

EDT are 5 star rated on trust pilot. The multi award winning engine deep clean!




2015 Green Organisation Green Apple Award for Best Environmental Practice

2016 Green Organisation Green World Ambassadors

2016 Professional Motor Magazine Top Product Award

2016 Workshop Power Awards Highly Commended

2017 fave star, 9.7 our of 10 rating from customer and the automotive industry.


Save fuel, restore performance and reduce your car's CO emissions with our multi award winning engine deep clean from EDT Automotive.


Benefitts include:

  • Improving fuel economy by up to 26%
  • Increasing power (6BHP) on average and torque (7ftlb)
  • Lowering CO emissions by an average of 69%
  • Lowering smoke emissions by an average of 58%
  • Improving engine performance and driveability
  • Providing a smoother, quieter engine
  • Visibly cleaner oil after use
  • Delivering more responsive power
  • Preventing premature engine wear
  • Removing sludge, debris and varnish from engine

The only engine deep clean available in Haydock! Book your car in for an engine deep clean today.

Please visit the EDT video for further details: