Key Cutting & Programming

Replacement Car Keys

We can produce duplicate car keys and program them to your ECU or immobiliser box at a price that won’t leave a hole in your pocket or take up any more of your time than is required.

Even with no car keys.......not even the red master one, we can get you back on the road. We carry key blanks and transponder chips for most vehicles and we are equipped with all the specialist machinery necessary for key cutting and programming. Doesn’t matter if your key had an encrypted chip that can’t be copied – we can still get you back on the road! We simply produce a new key and code it directly to your vehicle using sophisticated diagnostic tools.


Car Opening

We can gain entry into your vehicle using specialist tools and techniques. You are guaranteed not only assistance in getting back into your car, but if it is a case of lost car keys, we are able to cut you a brand new set to ensure that you are back on the road in the shortest time possible. We can also program your keys to your car’s immobiliser.


Car Key Programming

We have the specialist skills and equipment required for transponder key programming. A transponder key is a manufactured accessory that comes with a car and provides the radio transmission link between the car and the key. It means that a key can be programmed to start one specific, individual car thereby reducing opportunities for theft. Without its transponder key, a car can’t be driven. The technology involved in programming keys to specific cars has led many vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies to consider cars with transponder keys to be virtually theft-proof, but they’re not. If you know that your car keys have been stolen, make Haydock Service Centre Ltd your second call after the police. Even without having the actual key, we can erase the transponder serial numbers logged in your car, ensuring that the thief with your keys won’t be able to steal your car! We can then cut you a replacemnet car key and program them to your car to ensure a perfect communication between car and key.