Other Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to aid our customers across a variety of services.


General repairs range from the replacement of wing mirrors and brake pads to specific engine works.

Failure to have faults reviewed and repaired can often lead to much bigger issues and could cause your vehicle to become unroadworthy, and in extreme cases illegal to drive.

General repairs are often inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of repair for major faults that can occur when general repairs are not dealt with in good time.

We are always happy to discuss issues and provide you with the best options.



Your vehicles exhaust system exists to remove harmful gasses and particles from your vehicle, and reduce its environmental impact, but over time the system can start to display signs of wear and tear.

Damage to your exhaust system can influence the performance of your vehicles engine.

Signs that repairs and replacements may be required include a change to engine noise level whilst driving, emission of excessive smoke from the exhaust, a low hanging or dragging exhaust pipe.

Your exhaust system should be checked every 60,000 miles or once a year, with any changes to performance or noticeable issues investigated immediately.



A clutch transmits power from your engine to your gearbox. It also isolates the engine from the gearbox which allows gears to be changed.

Common issues include Clutch Slip, Clutch Judder, Air in the Hydraulic line and errors to clutch cable and cylinders.

If you suspect any of these issues are occurring do not delay in having further investigations carried out, it may be that issues are spotted in good time and full clutch replacement is not required. In these instances, the cost will be considerably lower.

In the most severe cases full clutch replacement will be required, in these instances it will be necessary to remove the gearbox. 

For further assistance with investigation and repair of any of the above or additional enquiries please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Nitrogen Tyre Inflation - Only £10 inc VAT for all 4 tyres.

Deflating and Re-inflating your tyres with Nitrogen instead of standard air allows for:

*More consistent tyre pressures

*More even tyre wear

* Less moisture in your tyres meaning less corrosion on your wheels

*A small fuel saving.


Tyre Replacement

It is vital that you select the right tyre type for the vehicle you are driving and the purpose of its use. We supply and fit car and van tyres, including budget, run flat and high performance tyres. 

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be only too happy to quote. If you are unsure if your car tyres need replacing, don't hesitate to call in for a FREE tyre check.


Brake Disc Skimming Service

When replacing just brake pads as oppose to brake pads and brake discs you can sometimes experience poor braking, vibration and what feels like a spongey brake pedal. This is usually caused due to the brake disc being lipped, no longer being flat or through being hardened and glazed.

A possible, if expensive, cure for any of these issues would be to fit new brake discs at the same time as the brake pads are replaced.

At Haydock Service Centre Ltd, we offer a cheaper alternative to brake disc replacement.

Brake disc skimming enables us to re-surface your current brake disc back to a factory finish, eliminating the need to replace the brake discs and saving you money in the process.


Vehicle Diagnostics 

Using one of our diagnostic computers we are able to read faults that cause dashboard warnings and diagnose what may be the causing the fault. One of our main skills is using the knowledge of the vehicle diagnostics computer, together with modern vehicle systems to correctly diagnose the vehicle fault.

We take a keen interest in the use of computer based diagnostic and fault finding, investing heavily in the latest equipment to ensure we are able to deal with most vehicles on the roads today.

Using the latest manufacturer recommended solutions combined with our knowledge of vehicles and their systems we are able to read and interpret the results from vehicle computers, diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable resolution.


Air Conditioning Service (includes re gas) & Repairs

We repair and service most car air conditioning systems.

We can diagnose faults in your car air conditioning system using diagnostic equipment and nitrogen pressure testing equipment.

Car air conditioning systems need recharging with gas & lubricant every two years. the majority of car manufacturers advise that this be done to keep the system working at its optimal best. Your cars air conditioning is used all year round, to cool the cars interior in the summer but also to remove moisture in the winter months as part of the demisting process.

A routine service takes about an hour and we can usually do this while you wait. All our technicians are certified to work on vehicle air conditioning systems as required by law.


Wheel Alignment & Tracking

If you have noticed any difficulties when steering, a vibration, pulling to one side or noise when turning corners it could mean that your wheel alignment needs addressing.

Wheel alignment is sometimes referred to as wheel tracking which involves adjusting the angles of the wheels to the position recommended by the manufacturer. This contributes to the reduction of tyre wear, ensuring the optimum performance and handling of your vehicle. 

Incorrect wheel alignment can also affect braking distance, driving quality and even fuel economy.